SpiderFighters Video Tutorials

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SpiderFighters Video Tutorials
Series SpiderFighter's Tutorials
Author SpiderFighter
Overview Get started with Scripting and the Dungeon Editor.

The following video tutorials will help beginner modders get to grips with different parts of the Dungeon Creating experience.

Companion Source Files

This can be viewed using the Grimrock Editor, and is updated after each new tutorial.

Source Files (hosted at Grimrock Nexus)

General Tutorials

Creating a Spectral Blob Blocking Puzzle

This tutorial goes through the process of adding a puzzle to your dungeon that triggers an event (such as a door opening) when the player blocks the white blob from entering the receptor.

Creating a Secret Area

This tutorial covers how to create a simple secret area that will count in the game's statistics.

Frame Rate Pitfalls and Solutions

This tutorial covers common mistakes that Dungeon crafters make that can drop your framerate, and how to get around them.

Pit Trap Puzzles

This tutorial shows how to create two different types of pit trap puzzles (Alternating and Sequential)]

Teleporting An Object Around The Room

This tutorial demonstrates how to teleport a player-placed object around the room in order to open a door.

Scripting Tutorials

Basic Scripting (Part 1)

Basic Scripting (Part 2)

This extended tutorial will help new users get started with Lua script in the Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor. It covers useful beginner topics such as how to spawn items, shake the camera, call sounds, and destroy objects from a lua script.