Komag Dungeon Editor Video Tutorials

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Komag Dungeon Editor Video Tutorials
Series Dungeon Editor
Author Komag
Overview Getting Started with the Dungeon Editor
User:Komag has recorded a series videos that serve as an introduction to the Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor. They start out by covering the details that are presented in Almost Human's Getting Started documentation and then branch out into common specialized topics.

Video 1. An Introduction to the Dungeon Editor:
- Exploring the Dungeon Editor's layout, controls and functions.

Video 2. The second tutorial covers the core items that you will be placing in any dungeon, such as:
- monsters
- alcoves
- scrolls
- doors
- pressure plates.

Video 3. This segment covers:
- hidden pressure plate (settings)
- spawners (entity, cooldown, connections)
- snail food factory
- spectral relay puzzle (blob spell spawn, torch trigger, receptor, portcullis).

Video 4. This video introduces you to:
- buttons with unique IDs
- counters
- button connections
- levers
- timers (delay interval, repeating signal)

Video 5. In the fifth video of this series you will learn about:
- level properties (such as naming and wall set)
- adding a new level
- adding stairs (placement, facing)
- editor shortcuts
- avoiding stair problems.

Video 6. This video teaches you how to:
- setup two torches to open a door
- a counter method (2, activate-decrement, deactivate-increment)
- a script method (lua, function, check torchholders, ==true/false, open()/close(), connection)
- other script options (playSound, hudPrint message, getChampion():getName())
- It also shows you an editor crash (script error) teaching you to save often!

Video 7. The penultimate video covers:
- using teleporters (deactivated, hidden plate trigger, target coordinates, facing)
- combining teleporters with a timer (to deactivate it after 3 seconds)

Video 8. The final video in the series covers:
- locked doors lock (set key name, not ID, connect lock)
- adding a door with a center lock (set key name)
- editor updates
- some final advice and notes.

You can discuss the tutorials and ask questions about them in the associated forum thread.