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The Dungeon of the Month Competition is a monthly competition run by the Legend of Grimrock community to highlight some of the best works that the community has created. Whether you're a gamer who has just found out that Grimrock supports custom dungeons or a modder looking to create your own work - we believe the Dungeon of the Month Competition will inspire you to play more dungeons and even make your own!

Competition Winners

Month Mod Download Links
Dec 2012 Wine Merchant's Basement Nexus - Steam


December 2012: Wine Merchant's Basement (Nexus Steam), Big Friendly Warden (Nexus Steam), Pyramid of Xafi (Nexus Steam), Forbidden Halls (Nexus Steam).

Competition Details

The competition is run every month through the Legend of Grimrock forums. Each month there will be a week of nominations, followed by a 2-week period of voting where any member of the Legend of Grimrock forums is eligible to vote for the mod of their choosing. Most months there will be a prize of sorts - likely for a random voter, usually in the form of a game from Steam or Good Old Games (GOG).